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Waterjet Cutting
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Precision waterjet cutting for all your project needs.
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Precise & Accurate

Revolutionary waterjet technology ensures every job is cut to perfection.

Fast Turnaround

4 waterjet machines capable of meeting all of your cutting needs and time constraints.

Cost Effective

Our no minimum, fair pricing ensures waterjet cutting is accessible to everyone.

Meet the WaterJet Cutting Team

Our team is dedicated to helping you leverage the power of the waterjet cutting process. To get the results you desire, we are here to guide you through every step of the process.

We are available to answer your questions so that the end product exceeds your expectations.

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Get the Job Done Right

Overview from Water Jet Inc. founder and previous owner tj maloy

Overpriced and delayed projects can be frustrating.
Don’t leave your project to chance.

At WaterJet Cutting we appreciate your business.
We’ll treat you fairly, complete your job on time, and ensure it’s done right.

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Our Commitment to You

Exceptional Service

We’re here to help and ensure all your project needs are met successfully.


We have 4 waterjet machines and will complete your job fast so you can put it to work.

Every Job
Done Right

We strive to ensure every job is done right and cut to perfection. If it’s not, we fix it.


Our highly skilled waterjet team has tremendous experience to be able to help you.


We are ITAR Certified and have procedures and controls in place to ensure strict compliance.

No Project Minimums

Our no minimum, fair pricing structure ensures waterjet cutting is accessible to everyone.

We are able to accommodate emergency jobs and jobs that need to be expedited. Please contact us right away if you need help fast!

Materials We Can Cut

Ceramic Tile






Industries We Serve



Commercial Flooring


Custom Knife Makers

Commercial Signage

Movie Industry

Dept. of Defense


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Working with us is easy. We’re here to help you every step of the way to ensure all your project needs are met successfully.


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Customer 5 Star Reviews

D Pascetti

“TJ and his team at Waterjet Cutting are true experts in their field, I’ve done several projects with them and always great customer service and product!”

Mike Elliott

“Great shop with a lot of capabilities. The owners and staff create a great environment and enjoy helping customers. I could not be happier with the part that I had made.”

Karl Kirsch – O’Malley Glass

“Great service, skilled craftsmen, done on time and budget I highly recommend Waterjet Cutting.”

Waterjet Cutting Capabilities

Four (4) Flow Waterjets, including the Mach500, the industry’s most robust waterjet unmatched in technology and design, pressure ranging from 40,000 to 87,000 psi.

Table sizes ranging from 48″ x 48″ to 7’ x 13’, we can likely meet your material size needs.

Ability to cut a wide range of materials and complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy and no heat distress.

Ability to cut up to a thickness of 12″ from virtually any material including but not limited to just metal products. For instance, we are experienced in cutting carbon fiber, G-10, plastics, glass, ceramics, carpet, foam, and wood.

Low Cost Material Available

In our effort to help our customers we may be able to provide low cost or no cost materials depending on the scope of the job. We have a vast amount of materials on hand from the many jobs we do. Please call us to check availability and for potential discount pricing.

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